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Shaftsbury, Vermont - Town of Shaftsbury

By Spring, nearly 4,000 vouchers will have been issued to qualifying Vermonters to have their cats and dogs neutered through VSNIP! In hopes of reaching out to those in need, we’d like to ask that you kindly include this little story in the appropriate section in your town report.

It’s important that townspeople understand that it is necessary to register dogs by April 1st, helping to fund this important program. In advance, we thank you for following through to be sure that all dogs in town are registered and the extra $4.00 collected for this
designated fund.

One good point to make, if you decide to talk about it, is that a rabies vaccination is included in the VSNIP procedure, as well as one vaccination of the distemper series, and the neutering of their cat or dog. We do have rabies in the state, and unfortunately, I know it
first hand. My cat tried to come through the cat door last spring and was attacked by an infected raccoon. After rushing her to the vet late at night, we discovered that during the three times the raccoon dragged her back out the door, her belly had been shredded open.
Through no fault of its own, the raccoon contracted rabies, attacked our cat, and both lost their lives. Companion animals, livestock and people can get rabies. This important step will help reduce this risk and continue to reduce the numbers of ‘surplus’ animals that might well go homeless.

Many thanks,

Sue Skaskiw
Administrator, VSNIP
VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society