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A housing nonprofit group has started offering a $500 grant to help low-income people make crucial home repairs.
The NeighborWorks of Western Vermont launched the program this fall after seeing that a small repair job often turns into a costly project among residents who have a tight budget. For instance, an unattended roof leak could eventually require a new roof, a faulty electrical outlet can start a fire, or drips in the plumbing can rot out a floor.
“The people who need those small jobs are often the ones who don’t get them,” said David Traver Adolphus, the organization’s project coordinator in Bennington.
Now, people who take out at least a $2,000 home repair loan with NeighborWorks can apply for the $500 grant. If approved, they’ll need to then repay only $1,500 in loans.
To qualify, a grant applicant’s household income needs to be no more than 80 percent of their county’s median household income. In Bennington, that’s $40,250 for a household of one; $46,000 for two; $51,750 for three; $57,500 for four; and $62,100 for five.,560435?