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US News & World Report March 11, 2019:

“Fiber to the home – virtually the only technology capable of delivering on Vermont’s 100 Mbps symmetrical speed goal – was assumed by industry leaders and public officials to be simply too expensive to contemplate for last-mile broadband coverage

That assumption is being challenged by a growing number of community-owned broadband and fiber networks. In Vermont, the disruptor is ECFiber, a 24-town telecommunications district building fiber-to-the-premises to every unserved or underserved address in its territory.

“That means out that 1.5-mile dirt road, in the mud, to a farm that’s doing great business,” Monroe says. Her client, ValleyNet, holds a contract to build and operate the network for ECFiber. The partners constructed a 20-mile pilot project in 2011. Now with $32 million in revenue bonds, all investors have been repaid and the organization is cash flow positive.”