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Spring is on the doorstep and the State of Vermont Onsite Loan Program (OLP) stands ready to assist eligible homeowners with a failed septic or drinking water system.

The program offers loans at a fixed 3% rate to repair or replace a failed system. Applicants must be homeowners occupying their residence year-round and have a failed or almost failed septic or potable water system. Applicants must meet household income requirements (currently $115,616) and be denied credit from a conventional lender. Shared systems, as well as owner-occupied multi-unit properties, are both eligible under the program.

Financing can be used to replace a failed system or connect a residence to an existing drinking water or wastewater system. Loan proceeds are also available to finance filtration systems where the onsite water has ‘failed’ due to water quality.

If you know of anyone that might benefit from this program, please share our contact information below.

Thank you.
Chris Rottler, Onsite Loan Program Manager
Agency of Natural Resources, State of Vermont
Department of Environmental Conservation
Onsite Loan Program Website
Phone: (802) 461-6051