The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the new Town Plan

Tuesday September 24, 6p
   Cole Hall

Meeting warning:

The new version of the Shaftsbury Town Plan is on the town website:

When finalized and approved this plan will guide Town government for the next 8 years.

This Town Plan is considerably different in both philosophy and format from previous versions. Previous plans were largely almanacs of information about population, miles of road, etc,, with widely scattered statements of policy that were difficult to find. In the new plan, goals, policies, and actions are clearly delineated and separated from background and supporting information. This is intended to make this a true plan and reference.

The PC will hold a public hearing on the plan on September 24. It will then go to the Selectboard for review, more public hearings, and approval.

The PC, and Zoning Administrator Shelly Stiles, are to be commended for the huge amount of work this plan required. Over a year in the making, this plan is virtually a complete rewrite and a good 20 pages smaller. We are grateful to Shelly, Chair Chris Williams, and Commissioners Mike Cichianowski, Mike Foley, and Naomi Miller.