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Please find links to the complete FY21 budget and accompanying charts below.

This year’s modest budget increase is going almost entirely into roads. The increase is spread over several areas including the Class 3 Roads Fund, Paving Reserve, tree removal, and vehicle maintenance. Even with the increase our overall budget continues to trend below inflation, meaning we continue to do more with less money.

The Selectboard budgeted a significant increase in the Class 3 Roads fund, from $45,000 to $100,000. We are anticipating the need to respond to another bad mud season. Last year was the worst we have seen in many years, and the frequent freeze/thaw cycles we are already seeing this winter are cause for concern. We were fortunate to receive several state grants in 2019 that allowed us to undertake several major drainage improvements on gravel roads, totally almost $300,000. We may not be so lucky with grants in 2020 so we must be prepared to deal with what appears to be “the new normal” of severe weather.

FY21 Budget Chart

DPW Expenses Chart

7-year Budget Trend vs Inflation

Budget Line Items Spreadsheet