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Shaftsbury is bringing back the potluck supper as part of town meeting. Town meeting will convene

Monday, March 2, 2020, 6:30p
Shaftsbury Elementary School
150 Buck Hill Rd

Upon call to order at 6:30p, we will recess until 7:30p for potluck supper. Please bring a dish to share. Thanks to volunteers lead by Carl Korman ( for making this happen.

Town meeting continues the next day with the Australian ballot for officer elections and public questions:

Tuesday, March 2, 2020, 7a-7p
Fire House #1
150 Buck Hill Rd

The official warning for Shaftsbury’s town meeting can be download here:

Here are some notes from the town report, to be released soon, discussing ballot questions to be decided:

1) The Selectboard urges you to vote yes to the question:
“Shall the Town of Shaftsbury enter into a communications union district (CUD) to be known as the Southern Vermont Communication Union District, under the provisions of 30 V.S.A. chapter 82?”
Selectboard chair Tim Scoggins is leading a multi-town effort to create a CUD that can bring modern Internet service to under-served areas. By creating the Southern Vermont Communication Union District (SoVT CUD), we aim to take advantage of the recently passed “broadband bill”, Act 79. This bill encourages the formation of CUDs and provides money for feasibility studies to help them succeed.
Key things to know about joining a CUD:
1. Joining a CUD will not raise taxes, ever. By state law, tax money cannot be used to pay for communication infrastructure. The build-out will be paid for with grants, donations, and service fees. Most of the funding will come from the subscribers who buy the Internet service.
2. Your town’s only real responsibility to the CUD is to appoint a representative and an alternate to the governing board. The governing board will run the CUD, define its rules and policies, and contract an Internet company to provide service.
3. This is how the State wants us to solve this problem, and CUDs are forming all over the state, including Windham County, the Northeast Kingdom, and other areas.
More information is available on the town website.

2) Withdrawn

3) Shall the Town of Shaftsbury create a Cemetery Capital Improvement Fund and transfer all monies in the Cemetery Reserve Fund to the Cemetery Capital Improvement Reserve Fund?
The Cemetery Reserve Fund was established in 2010 to provide funds for Cemetery improvements. There were procedural errors in the creation of the fund. The voters are asked to approve creation of the Cemetery Capital Improvement Reserve Fund and transfer monies from the Cemetery Reserve Fund to the new fund allowing the funds to be used for Cemetery improvements.