The Town office building, Cole Hall, is closed to the public. This includes the Town Clerk office.

All meetings are canceled except Selectboard and urgent matters requiring action by the Development Review Board.

Meetings will be by teleconference. Members of the public may join the teleconference using instructions posted in the meeting warning. As before, Selectboard meetings will be broadcast live on cable TV and Facebook, and be available for later viewing on YouTube.

The Town Garage will be closed to the public.

The transfer station will remain open under modified procedures:

No change will be made or stickers exchanged. Deposit exact change in the available drop box, discard your trash and recyclables, and leave the area quickly.

Town staff can be contacted by phone, email and mail.

1. Town Administrator 442-4038 x3
2. Town Clerk 442-4038 x1
3. Town Treasurer 442-4038 x2
4. Zoning Administrator 442-4038 x5
5. Town Listers 442-4038 x4
6. DPW 681-7240
7. Fire Department EMERGENCY 911 – Non emergency 442-4226

All other queries can be directed to the Town Administrator’s office.

Note: Dog licenses are due April 1, 2020. Late fees are waived until May 1, 2020.

SVHC’s Tom Dee recommends monitoring these three websites for the latest info on the corona virus:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Southwest Vermont Healthcare

Vermont Department of Health