Department of Public works Essential Services and Functions

Updated April 18, 2020, to reflect Gov. Scott’s most recent guidance on gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions.

The Town of Shaftsbury Vermont Department of Public Works (DPW) continues to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19. For the current safety and long-term health of our workforce, DPW is focusing on essential services throughout each of our divisions. Our field staff is operating in smaller numbers. Please be patient as response times will likely be longer than usual and all non-essential services are suspended and will be resumed at a later date.

DPW is following guidelines from VLCT and CDC to keep our working employees safe. New rules in place are;

  • • Social distancing 6 ft apart
    • Stay home if sick or family member sick. ( will evaluate if employee can return to work)
    • Equipment wipe down beginning and end of day.
    • Hand washing, sanitizer.
    • One crew member per vehicle.
    • Break room is closed
    • Road Grading equipment has an assigned crew member to reduce the use of shared equipment.
    • All Assigned trucks are operated by assigned crew member.
    • Different Essential maintenance services for the town road crew will be assigned daily.
    • Group Projects are suspended for now, like culverts and shop functions.

Essential Services and Functions that will continue:

  • • Emergency call out, state police, road conditions, fallen trees, etc.
    • Winter Snow and Ice control (if needed)
    • Road and Town Parks Safety portals. (DPW Foreman will be responsible for this)
    • Responding to emergency repairs that affect the safety of the traveling public, example flooding or culvert washouts.
    • Road Grading. Coming out of mud season and several freeze and thaw cycles throughout this winter. Most of are rural gravel roads are in bad shape and limit the traveling public to drive at posted speed limits. Road grading will continue throughout the town. Grader operated is directed to follow new procedures during this time.
    • Gravel hauling from stockpile to fix roads as needed if grader operated radios for material.
    • Road side ditching and culvert clearing as necessary to make the roads safe and passable and as can be done while observing social distancing guidelines.
    • Hazard tree removal. Trees that become a hazard to the traveling public will be ordered to be removed and cleaned up.
    • Signs work. Important road signs like stop signs for example will be reinstalled if knocked down or stolen. Signs are important and could be a liability if missing.
    • Washing and cleaning town equipment, trucks.
    • All essential paper work for DPW Foreman.
    • All non- essential projects and services are postponed till further notice