From the Shaftsbury Recreation Committee:

The Shaftsbury Recreation Committee has been delightfully busy due to the generous bequest of Florence Howard. We are truly grateful & honoring Florence’s wishes for us to maintain & revitalize Howard Park with these funds. Thus far we were able to purchase a new playscape, design & install a new Howard Park sign, an initiative put forth in our town plan, all while supporting a local business with our purchase during this COVID-19 pandemic. We appealed to Rep D. Durfee who was able to procure us a Vermont State flag formerly flown over our state capitol. With the group effort of the wonderful NorShaft Lions the picnic pavilion was just painted. We wish to extend our thanks to one and all who help to make Shaftsbury Shine!
Shaftsbury Recreation Committee
Deena Ruege, Dave Kiernan, Helen Olney & Barbara Marino

From the Selectboard:

Many thanks to the Recreation Committee for years of work leading to these recent accomplishments. Shaftsbury is a better place to live and work thanks to volunteers like you.

Thanks to Norshaft Lions for once again giving unselfishly to our town. We are humbled by your generosity.