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The Town of Shaftsbury is seeking a Superintendent of Cemeteries. Please review the description below. Position open till filled.

Submit application to: Town Administrator David Kiernan

PO Box 409 Shaftsbury VT 05262

Superintendent of Cemeteries

The Town of Shaftsbury has 17 cemeteries, five of which are active, three are restored abandoned cemeteries, and the remaining nine are on private land and receive minor repairs.

Administrative functions include:

  • Meet with residents who inquire about the purchase of cemetery lots/spaces and assist them in finding a location that fits their needs.
  • Provide documentation and appropriate documents to the Town Clerk for preparation of deeds.
  • Maintain log books for each Cemetery documenting lots/spaces owned, lots/spaces containing burials and location of each lot and space by number.
  • Collect fees and submit to Town Treasurer.
  • Assist funeral homes and residents in determining lot/space location, corner marker location or lot/space availability.
  • All burials are overseen by the Cemetery Superintendent who coordinates with the funeral home.
  • Placement of all cemetery memorials and headstones are approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.
  • Burials during inclement weather are permitted at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent.
  • Work cooperatively with the Cemetery Committee Chair, Town Administrator, Town Clerk, and DPW Supervisor to assure good communication between Town Departments.
  • Participate in Cemetery Committee meetings and be prepared to brief on all aspects of cemetery activity.
  • Create a log showing daily activity, hours expended and mileage.