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Living – Welcome to Shaftsbury!

“Shaftsbury is still an American small town, in a state that is still pioneering, particularly in conservation. Shaftsbury’s haunting special beauty lies in its open fields, its mountains, its clear water, its woods, its changes of season.”

— Ruth Levin, Ordinary Heroes; The Story of Shaftsbury

Shaftsbury today is a blend of old and new. Everywhere you look is the impression of our Revolutionary beginnings, from the proud colonial homes of Jonas Galusha, or Munro-Hawkins House, to Cole Hall, or the homes of renowned poets such as Robert Frost. From the bucolic views and country roads, to our historic burying grounds with marble headstones remembering our earliest settlers. The overall effect is one of a proud heritage where our modern life has not overwritten the stories that infuse the pride of it’s citizens.

Cognizant of our past, but not blinded to the future, the town today continues to have a modest industrial base, including a manufacturer of displays, a plastic injection molding facility, and a producer of pre-cast concrete forms, to name a few.

Shaftsbury’s location makes it a tempting place for families, outdoor lovers, and retirees. Shaftsbury is proud of it’s elementary school and it’s engaged and caring administration and teachers. We are centrally located to every outdoor activity that Vermont is justly famous for. Nearby are esteemed cultural institutions such as the Bennington Museum, The Southern Vermont Arts Center, The Clarke, the American Museum of Fly Fishing, the Bennington Center for the Arts, to name a few. Plus, our regional hospital in nearby Bennington is Vermont’s first Magnet Hospital and the only hospital to have received that honor four times.

Welcome to Shaftsbury!