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Town Administrator

David Kiernan

Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm
(802) 442-4038 ext. 3

The Town Administrator performs administrative duties for the Selectboard, serves as a representative of the Selectboard, and performs complex clerical duties requiring considerable decision-making and a thorough knowledge of the needs and responsibilities of the town and its departments.

The Town Administrator, acting as directed by the Selectboard, accomplishes a host of administrative functions to ensure that the Town of Shaftsbury operates smoothly and efficiently. Although not all-inclusive, the following shows the variety of duties that can and have been assigned to the Administrator:

  • Prepares financial reports, the annual budget, and the payroll.
  • Prepares purchase orders, reviews invoices, and processes documents for payment.
  • Prepares correspondence, maintains files, and performs clerical functions as required.
  • Acts as liaison between the Selectboard, other Town Boards, officials and employees.
  • Researches and applies for special funding, such as grants, low interest loans, and non-profit programs.
  • Assists with negotiating contracts, agreements, and purchases.
  • Assists with development of Town policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Reviews and coordinates employee benefit programs.
  • Manages those aspects of Transfer Station activities not subcontracted, including hazardous waste days.
  • Oversees monitoring activities associated with the capped landfill and filing reports required by the State.
  • Prepares legal notices, announcements, and want ads.
  • Has responsibility for all Town buildings, supervising their use, maintenance, and repair.
  • Handles mail pickups, mail sorting, mail opening, and distribution.

The Town Administrator is required to remain neutral in all matters concerning the Town of Shaftsbury.

The Town Administrator recommends and advises the Selectboard regarding policy-making, quasi-judicial determinations, or other areas where legislative decisions must be made. However, the administrator is precluded from interfering with the statutory duties and roles of the Selectboard.

The administrator shall not, during office hours or while acting in an official capacity, outwardly display favoritism or antagonism toward any local political party, nor to any body of persons known collectively to favor or oppose any controversial proposal or issue pending before the Town of Shaftsbury.