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Veterans Committee

Victor K. Harwood, Jr. – Chair


Harold Baldwin
Mark Bollhardt
Gerald F. Brillon
Christopher Burke
Charles Bushee
Kenneth Coonradt
Oliver Durand
Jack Galvin
William T. Hardy Jr.
James King
Lew Levin
Robert Loomis
Robbie Loomis
Richard Lyons
Glenn Matunas
Dennis McCarthy
Mary McGuire, CPT
Kathy Niles
Pete Niles, CDR, USCG
Barry Quigley
Andrew Squires
Richard Stratton
Paul Worthington, CPT
Philip Young



The Town of Shaftsbury has a Veterans Committee, which serves to keep fresh in the minds of its residents the many sacrifices paid by Shaftsbury natives in the defense and protection of freedom. Committee members are appointed in April of each year.

There is an inherent need to remind people that freedom is not without cost. The centerpiece of the Committee’s reminder is the Shaftsbury Veterans Memorial located at Cole Hall. Inscribed on the black granite tablets are the names of local veterans of wars or conflicts the country has been involved in to date. The memorial was constructed by volunteers and dedicated on May 25, 1992. Additionally, the Committee works with the school each year in conducting a Memorial Day program at the school, and shares the responsibility of organizing a Memorial Day Parade with the Village of North Bennington. In May 1993, the Committee donated a concrete park bench, which was placed at the fish hatchery pond on Eagle Street.