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Town of Shaftsbury, VT
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Shaftsbury, Vermont 05262

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Phone: (802) 442-4038
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new website areaSearch Burial Records

Search our town burial records online using this search tool. The results will guide you to the respective Cemify website for each active town cemetery.

new website areaOur Cemify Websites

Search town burial records online on our Cemify websites if you already know the cemetery you want to explore.

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Shaftsbury Cemetery Interment Searches


Shaftsbury is digitizing its Cemetery Records to preserve burial records, maps, headstone photos, and other vital information. We're committed to maintaining and expanding this archive for future generations. We've teamed up with Cemify to preserve our active cemeteries, led by the Cemetery Superintendent. Explore the links below for a unique glimpse into the past.

Please keep in mind that this project is not yet complete.

Interment Searches

Make a choice below whether they are in an "Active" or "Inactive" Cemetery.

Shaftsbury Cemetery Search

Active (Active and in Use)
Inactive (Inactive and Private)
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Inactive Cemeteries no longer accept burials and are mostly on private lands. Active cemeteries are maintained by the Town of Shaftsbury and have lots available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a lot or grave space, please contact the Superintendent.

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Town Clerk

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