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shaftsbury staff Shelly Stiles
(802) 442-4038 ext. 5

shaftsbury staff

Zoning Administrator

Shelly Stiles
(802) 442-4038 ext. 5

Zoning Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm
Phone: (802) 442-4038 ext. 5

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Zoning Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm
Phone: (802) 442-4038 ext. 5

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The Zoning Administrator has no discretion in interpreting and applying Shaftsbury's zoning bylaws. He or she educates the general public and other officials about the zoning regulations and assists applicants through the review process. The Zoning Administrative Officer must either approve or deny an application for a zoning permit within the 30-day period prescribed by law. Failure to do so will result in an automatic "deemed" approval of the permit on the 31st day after receipt of the application.

The Zoning Administrator shall administer the Shaftsbury Zoning Bylaws literally, and, as noted above, does not have the power to permit any land development that is not in conformance with the town's bylaws. He or she is responsible for enforcement of all rules and regulations pertaining to the zoning ordinance.

If the Zoning Administrator denies a request for a zoning permit, he or she must advise the applicant of that individual's right to appeal the action or decision to the zoning board of adjustment.

The Zoning Administrator is required to provide written warning notice to any person suspected of an alleged violation of any bylaw after it has been adopted pursuant to Chapter 117 of Title 24. The notice must be sent by certified mail and must advise the alleged offender of several things:
  • The nature of the violation (referencing the specific provisions of the bylaws is helpful).
  • That he or she has seven days in which to "cure" the violation.
  • That he or she is not entitled to any additional warning notice for a violation occurring after the seven days.
  • That he or she has a right to appeal the notice of violation to the zoning board of adjustment.

As enforcement officer of the municipal zoning laws, the administrative officer is empowered to initiate appropriate legal action in the name of the municipality against those who violate any of the town's municipal bylaws. Such authority includes submitting an application for a mandatory injunction to the superior court for the county in which the violation is occurring or will occur.

Zoning Documents

Common Zoning Questions

The Shaftsbury Zoning Bylaw specifies what permits and approvals must be secured before a person or business may begin development activities. The bylaw governs; this FAQ is only a summary of zoning laws. The full bylaw and its appendices can be found on this page. Or you can receive a copy and get answers to other zoning questions by contacting the zoning administrator at Activities generally requiring a permit include but are not limited to:

  • New buildings
  • Building additions, such as new rooms, decks and porches
  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Garages, sheds, and carports
  • Greenhouses
  • Pools
  • Storage structures whether anchored, on a pad, or gravel-based
  • Curb cuts for driveways
  • Changes of use
  • Major grading
  • Signs
  • Subdivisions
  • Boundary line adjustments
A zoning permit is generally not required for:
  • The normal maintenance and repair of existing structures and infrastructure which does not result in any change to the footprint of a structure, nor result in a change of use for a structure
  • Minor grading
  • Residential lawn and garden activities
  • Agricultural structures when the land is enrolled in the Use Value Program or is a "farm" as defined by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture (Although such structures are exempt, an application must nonetheless be filed with the zoning office.)
For situations not listed, please contact the zoning office for advice.

A site plan is a bird's-eye, to scale view of a property. A site plan is required for all permitted activities. A survey conducted by a state-licensed surveyor is required for subdivisions and boundary line adjustments.

What must be shown on the site plan depends on the nature of the proposed activity or structure. At minimum, a site plan might include, to scale:

  • The dimensions of the lot, including existing and proposed property boundaries;
  • The location and footprint in feet of all existing and proposed structures;
  • The location of existing and proposed curb cuts and driveways;
  • Setbacks from the property boundaries for the zoning district;
  • The location of existing and proposed water and wastewater systems.
example site plan

It is the responsibility of the application to obtain accurate boundary line information for the application. The Town's tax maps (available on line at are a good source of information. The site is searchable by name, address, and parcel number. The tax maps are not as reliable as a survey. The Town maintains copies of some, but far from all, surveys dating back to the 1970s.

The Shaftsbury zoning bylaw requires that certain site improvements and structures be located a minimum number of feet from the front, side and rear yard lines. The setback requirements vary according to zoning district. Setbacks are also required from streams.

State law requires a 15-day appeal period after the permit is approved before construction can commence, during which time an abutting landowner or other interested person as defined by the state can appeal the permit's issuance. A successful appeal could require a landowner to un-do any improvements made before the expiration of the appeal period.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation administers many State permit programs, including those related to water and wastewater, stormwater, rivers and streams, wetlands, floodplains, underground oil tanks, and more. The State's web-based Permit Navigator produces a downloadable/printable guide to help you through the permitting and planning processes and to help you learn about what may be required based on your unique situation. Or a permit specialist can help answer your questions. For more information, visit or contact our regional Community Assistance Specialist, Rick Oberkirch, at 802-282-6488

Zoning Common Questions were adapted with permission from the Town of Londonderry, Vermont in May 2022.

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The Town currently has 7 vacancies at this time.
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Town of Shaftsbury, VT

PO Box 409
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Phone: (802) 442-4038
Fax: (802) 442-0955
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