Property Tax Notice

Property taxes are due 11/10 at 5 pm.
Checks post-marked after that date will be considered delinquent. For receipt, include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
To pay online, click here. For a flat $1.50 fee, choose the “e-check” or bank transfer option. Otherwise, a charge of 2.65% will apply.

Proposed New and Revised Town Ordinances

The Selectboard will be introducing three Ordinances at the September 19 Meeting. They are a revised traffic (speed) ordinance and firearms ordinance. The third ordinance is new and will prohibit motor vehicle traffic on one legal trail between Dexter Road and Hickory Hill Road.

After introducing the ordinances on September 19th the Selectboard will vote on October 3rd to approve. If approved they will become effective November 12, 2022. A voter petition within 44 days of date the Selectboard adopted the ordinance will require a Special Town Meeting be called to determine if the voters will disapprove of the ordinance. Questions or comments are welcome and can be sent to administrator@shaftsburyvt.gov.

Firearms Ordinance
Traffic/Speed Ordinance
Trail Traffic Ordinance