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Notice of intent to make effective a Screening Ordinance for Solar Facilities

This ordinance sets forth screening requirements for ground-mounted solar electric generation facilities in excess of 60kw (AC), including solar panels, transformers, utility poles, fencing, etc. This ordinance is intended to ensure that solar facilities do not degrade the natural visual appeal of Shaftsbury's hillsides, ridgelines, or open fields and do not encroach visually upon a natural or historic area, gateway, stream, wetland or other water resource.

Citizens may ask questions or provide comments to select board member Naomi Miller by email at naomimiller@shaftsburyvt.gov, or via phone at 802-442-4038.

Pursuant to 24 v.s.a. 1973, citizens have the right to submit, prior to April 4, 2024 a petition for a special election to vote on the ordinance. If the town does not receive a voter petition prior to April 4th, 2024 this ordinance will become effective on April 20th, 2024. If the Town does receive a petition prior to April 4th, 2024 the Select Board must warn a special town meeting, to be held within 60 days of receipt of the petition, to determine whether voters will approve or disapprove of the ordinance.

View Proposed Ordinance for Solar Facilities

Shaftsbury Town Road Improvements

The Selectboard has received questions over the last few months regarding road work. Most questions have to do with the depth of new ditching, culverts, and limited tree removal.

We would like to provide some background information that will help residents understand the reasoning behind the work being completed.

The first is the State issued Municipal Road General Permit whose terms we are required to meet.

The following link will bring you to a presentation by the Bennington Regional Commission in 2017 that provides an excellent introduction to ACT 64 and its mandates to Towns.
BCRC Presentation

Next is a map of all hydrologically connected roads in Shaftsbury. All purple sections represent segments, nearly the entire Town.

All these roads must meet the standards outlined in the attached Better Roads Manual. This is important not only for the MRGP but to receive our annual allocation of State Highway Funds which currently exceed $160,000 per year and grants available based on improving roads to meet the Statewide Standards.
Better Roads Manual

Finally some information on tree removal in the Town right of way and the often misunderstood definition of shade trees.
Tree Information

Questions on any of the documents can be directed to Mike Yannotti the DPW Foreman, the Town Administrator or any Selectperson.

Town Calendar