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Town of Shaftsbury, VT
PO Box 409
61 Buck Hill Road
Shaftsbury, Vermont 05262

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (802) 442-4038
Fax: (802) 442-0955
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Assessors Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
Phone: (802) 442-4038 ext. 4

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Assessors Office

shaftsbury staff Gina Jenks
(802) 442-4038 ext. 4

shaftsbury staff

Assessor Clerk

Gina Jenks
(802) 442-4038 ext. 4

Since March 1, 2022 the Town now uses a Professionally Qualified Assessor, who has the same powers, discharge the same duties, proceed in the discharge therof in the same manner, and be subject to the same liabilities as are prescribed for listers or the board of listers under provisions of Title 32.

Shaftsbury Town News

Stay informed and check the website often. We will place all the town news here.

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The voters of Shaftsbury voted to remove the Listers and hire a professional qualified Assessor. Shaftsbury hired NEMRC to be the company we use for our Assessor duty. We also have someone in the office Monday thru Thursday 9am until 12pm to help with everyday duty’s and to assist the residents of Shaftsbury as well as the researchers and realtors.

Town of Shaftsbury, VT

PO Box 409
61 Buck Hill Road 05262
Phone: (802) 442-4038
Fax: (802) 442-0955
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