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Proposed bylaw changes to be placed on the March 2024 ballot

Posted: November 14, 2023

Amended 8/30/23
New section: “Road frontage requirements in the R40 and R80 zones shall be reduced to 75’, where the new lots so created are no more than one and a half times the minimum size for that zoning district.” (Note: this might also be placed in the Rural Zones table.)

revised 3.3.2:
“If an application is submitted for a proposed use that is not identified in these Bylaws as a permitted or conditionally permitted use for the district, the Development Review Board shall review and evaluate the proposed use as a conditional use, pursuant to Zoning Bylaw §3.4. The Development Review Board shall not grant a permit for the unlisted use if any individual impact, as listed in Zoning Bylaw §3.4, is greater than the impact reasonably expected for a permitted use in the subject district. The Development Review Board shall grant a permit, impose conditions on the permit or deny the application consistent with the provisions of Zoning By law §3.4.”

Zoning map change (to facilitate definition of area to be covered by new firearms ordinance) Rezoning in the VR district to R40: We will suggest that parcels 16 21 20.1 and 16 21 22 as recorded in the Town Grand List are to be placed in the R40 zone.

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Posted/Author: Shelly Stiles, Zoning Administrator

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